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Africa is too rich to be poor and education is the greatest lever for potential change. NetEd combines top educational institutions into a force for change on the continent.

Top Schools

NetEd currently combines Eduvos, the Davinci Business School and Stellenbosch Business Institute to provide a comprehensive range of qualifications to 10,000 individuals annually.

Top Quality

We pride ourselves on the highest quality private education at affordable prices. Study from higher certificate to PhD in our private education system that provides linkages to support life long learning.


We ensure that every one of our qualifications maximise employability and industry linkages. Work with us today to enable the youth of tomorrow to make the change.








Top Private Higher Education Institutions

Our invested companies and organisations

Our success is when our customers get the chance to exceed their expectations. Check out the latest success stories.

VELA Trust

•Promoting education access •Non profit and high impact education solutions •Effective monitoring and evaluation of beneficiaries of education •Specific technology and applied sciences programmes •Creation of education infrastructure

Stellenbosch Business Institute

•Executive Education •Large network of local and international speakers, trainers and educators •Custom Corporate Education •Corporate consulting around education and business solutions


•12 Campuses across South Africa •28 accredited qualifications •Pre degrees, bachelors and post graduate qualifications. •Faculties and Schools: Applied Science, Humanities, Arts, Law, Commerce and Technology

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    Our Services

    Our Group Services

    Articulation and alignment

    We work to create learning paths between our member institutions and to support knowledge sharing and collaboration.

    Educational Technology

    A strong investment in education technology allows for effective student administration.

    Process optimisation

    Through best practices we can learn as a group and leverage economies of scale.

    Growth capital

    We work with likeminded educational institutions to support growth objectives.


    We are constantly looking for opportunities to responsibly expand our footprint in Africa to grow the impact of high quality affordable higher education

    The need for education in Africa

    Africa is too rich to be poor

    The education system in Africa can support less than 10 million people in higher education currently. Of this 1,3 million of these seats are currently in South Africa. 

    Number of people not in education
    640 million 99%
    Our Team

    The NetEd Team

    Herman Marais


    Frik Landman

    Director of Strategy and Governance

    Riaan Steenberg

    Director of Operations

    Ian Mundell

    Chief Financial Officer